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Breast Care Series

Pueraria Mirifica for breast enlargement and breast firmness with fast and natural effects of stherb nano breast cream, nano breast serum, breast cream, breast serum and other breast products that will satisfy you and bring your confidence back.

  • Breast Cream | Natural Breast Enlargement

    St. Herb Breast Cream embosomed with Thai invaluable traditional herbal extract from Pueraria Mirifica root undoubtedly helps women gain round breasts with fullness and beautiful shape naturally.

    The phytoestrogens from Pueraria Mirifica mimic estrogen in female body and consequently give direct estrogenic effects to the estrogen receptor areas, resulting in the increase of breast fatty tissues and the development of mammary glands which will absolutely improve the breast size with larger and fuller bustline.

    The ingredients combined well in the cream nourish and rehydrate skin with collagen and elastin maintenance, so breasts become suppler, smoother and tighter. Women can see the difference of their breast curves within one month. Regular application of St. Herb Breast Cream can continually improve women breast size with more volume and cleavage. St. Herb Breast Cream regenerates the fresh and young feeling to women once again More details »

    Cream : 100 g.

  • Nano Breast Cream | Instantly Beautiful Breast Enlargement

    St.herb Nano Breast Cream enriched in phytoestrogens from extract of Pueraria Mirifica is empowered with Nanotechnology to release the cream in nanosomes. These nano particles penetrate straight deeply down to the inner breast skin layers with rapid activation to stimulate the increment of breast fatty tissues as well as maintain collagen in breast area. Then they generate the new growth of breast cells, resulting in larger and rounder breast shape with more hydrated skin texture.

    The active ingredients increase the blood flow for better breast skin nourishment with more radiant skin texture and also lengthen the ducts to promote the breast perking with more beautiful fuller breast curves and attractive cleavage.

    St.herb Nano Breast Cream brings female confidence and beauty back with the great impression of attractive and charming breast curves right after the very beginning experiences. Consistent use of St.herb Nano Breast Cream visibly shows results of large beautiful breast curves with velvety and smooth touch of younger breast skin More details »

    Cream : 15 ml. / 40 ml.

  • Breast Spray | Easy Way for Breast Firmness and Tenderness

    St. Herb Breast Spray with high phytoestrogens compounds promotes estrogenic activities in female breasts by revitalizing breast tissues to be stronger and toning up saggy breasts to be firm and tender with youthful-looking skin.

    The spray embosomed with eau de cologne refreshes female breasts and feeling to be more active and elegant. This sweet scent spray is easily absorbed and gives direct effects to a bosom with small particles that penetrate into breast cells with great nourishment. The breasts will not only be firmed up but also perked up beautifully.

    The potent ingredients with antioxidant agent also effectively maintain skin collagen and resilience for hydrated and youthful breast skin. The Breast Spray is easy to apply with no need to massage, suitable for nourishment in the rush time. The use of spray provides the difference of new breast curves with firmness and suppleness within few weeks
    More details »

    Liquid : 50 ml.

  • Breast Capsules | Breast Enhancement & Body Health Care

    St. Herb Pueraria Mirifica Capsules is the effective dietary supplement for female breast enhancement and health improvement. The phytoestrogens derived from Pueraria Mirifica extract have similar effects to those of estrogen, bringing about the increase and balance of hormonal levels in female body.

    The capsules formulated with various natural herbal extracts help promote the nutritional support for healthy hair, skin, and bone structure. These healthy conditions then lead to the development of mammary tissues to help increase the breast size naturally with more volume and fullness of a bustline.

    The active ingredients also effectively relieve the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and cramps as well as enhance individual emotion towards sexuality for better sexual desire. Take the capsules on a regular basis together with other breast products will reveal the faster effects of breast enhancement. In addition, continual intake of the capsules can maintain the results of breast improvement and the overall body healthy conditions More details »

    Capsules : 60 Capsules.

  • Breast Mask | Mild Mask for Ideally Fair & Youthful Breast

    St. Herb Breast Mask excellently nourishes breast tissues with valuable pure natural extracts that can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and aging-skinned condition, improve breast tightness and firmness, and increase the increment of a bustline. It also soothes and relaxes tired breasts to be lively and delicately supple.

    The mild mask provides essential nutrients to enhance breasts for long term youthfulness and tenderness. It revitalizes aging and dull breast skin as well as removes any impurities for soft and fair skin in a natural healthy look. With deep nourishing effect, the breast tissues become tight and compact without the condition of drooping or sagging anymore.

    St. Herb Breast Mask is needed to apply with massage for better penetration to activate the function of breast cells and tissues to grow and increase with more fullness of curves and cleavage. The mask furthermore delays and protects breasts from getting deteriorated ultimately. Three times a week application is best recommended for the ideal fair and youthful breasts More details »

    Cream : 50 g.

  • Nano Breast Serum | Rapid Effects for Tight and Firm Breasts

    St. Herb Nano Breast Serum provides great nourishment to flourish and beautify breasts naturally with rich phytoestrogens from Pueraria Mirifica extract that is powered with Nanotechnology to properly rejuvenate and revitalize female saggy and droopy breasts to be tight and firm rapidly.

    The nano serum nourishes deep down into breast cells to stimulate the new healthier cells growth and skin resilience. With this process, breast connective tissues are reinforced and become stronger to assist the lifting function. The breast curves are then lifted and closer with prominently visible cleavage and tightness.

    The serum absolutely facilitates breast beauty with hydrated and smoothly glowing breast skin in augmentation to protecting breasts from free radical damages. The consistent use of St. Herb Nano Breast Serum exactly helps overcome the saggy condition for round and beautiful breasts and promote the kind of breast symmetry that women are always looking for More details »

    Serum : 15 ml. / 40 ml.

  • Breast Serum | Lifts and Firms Up Breast Naturally

    St. Herb Breast Serum contains various natural extracts to enhance breasts for more attractiveness and firmness. It helps promote the improvement of the breasts naturally by providing collagen to keep skin hydrated and lengthening ligaments to support and lift up breasts at the same time. This process will consequently diminish the appearance of sagging breasts for firmer breast curves.

    Phytoestrogens formulated in the serum penetrate down into breast tissues to nourish and replenish new breast cells growth for the youthful and charming conditions of breasts with the visible cleavage and natural breast perking.

    St. Herb Breast Serum offers more even and smooth breast skin with moisturizing and antioxidant agents provided. Continual use of St. Herb Breast Serum will help lift and firm up women's breasts naturally together with youthful skin texture More details »

    Serum : 60 ml.


Facial Care Series

Natural facial series for facial care with the value of Pueraria Mirifica and rejuvenating herbs pamper delicate facial skin for the more attractively beautiful and youthful skin.

Day Cream

Day Cream

St. Herb Day Cream combines the most gentle and effective moisturizing agents available while also feeding the skin with effective antioxidants.

Night Cream

Night Cream

Providing elasticity and recovering the skin condition to be smoothening from various natural ingredients combined with the lastest technology.

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

It's designed as for quickly supply collagen to all skin types and, due to the hypoallergenic properties of the collagen used.

Eye gel

Eye gel

Especially formulated with Purearia extract to help in remedies and removal of puffy, baggy, creepy eyes and black rings, wrinkles...

Sunscreen SPF 60

Sunscreen SPF 60

Offers excellent protection from significant sun exposure which is easily absorbed, non-greasy and does not leave waxy film on your facial skin.

Melanosome Nano Lightening complex

Melanosome Nano Lightening complex

A high intensive cream dedicated to reduce blemishes and dark spots and promote skin to be brighter.


Vagina Care Series

Vaginal Tightening Serum gives you complete youthfulness and brings back the vagina into its original shape and enhances tightening.

Lady Secret Natural Vagina Tightening | Restores & Tightens the Grip of Vagina

St. Herb Lady Secret Serum is the premium friend for female as it can fulfill her need, bringing the youthfulness and confidence back once again. The concentrated extract from Pueraria Mirifica which is rich in phytoestrogens combined with various natural herbal extracts work efficiently in stimulating the proper blood flow and promoting the production of collagen and elastin fibers in genital area so the problems of loose and dry vagina can be treated as the special area becomes more tight and moistened.

Due to non hypo-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties, St. Herb Lady Secret Serum can control the PH balance in specific area to protect against bacterial infections as well as prevent and eliminate the white discharge and excessive mucus, bringing about the clean and fresh feeling with the vaginal pleasant odor.

The pure serum formulated with high technology can penetrate and nourish deeply to restore female vagina to be more hygienic with the smooth and even skin tone. Furthermore, it can enhance women sexual capability as it stimulates the sexual desire and gives more sensitivity during intercourse. Consistent use of St. Herb Lady Secret Serum will leave female more pleasure with the feeling of freshness and fullness in her secret area as well as a more intimate relationship with her partner More details »

Serum : 5 ml.


Men Care Series

If longer, harder and stronger is what you seek to improve your masculinity, look no further as Stherb Butea Superba Products will go beyond what you have ever imagined.

  • Butea Superba Gel | For Male Sexual Vigor& Hard Erection

    St. Herb Butea Gel perfectly brings back male confidence and pleasure with complete masculine being as it absolutely treats male specific organ to be vigorous and powerful in sexual performance.

    The light gel contains flavonoids and flavonoids glycosides from Butea Superba extract and many other phytochemicals from plentiful natural herbal extracts to promote men sexual vigor. The ingredients combined well in the gel stimulate the vasodilating effects in erectile tissues and then make erections occur with strong and prolonged conditions. The gel also helps male gain pleasurable orgasm with powerful sex drive and proper ejaculation control.

    The use of gel promotes smooth skin and the feeling of an exhilarating touch with better sensation at the genital area. This gel excellently enhances overall sexual performance without being immoderately fatigued. Furthermore, it can be a lubricant for happier sexual activities. Consistent use of St. Herb Butea Superba Gel also helps increase the size of male specific organ undoubtedly More details »

    Gel : 100 ml.

  • Butea Superba Capsules | For Harder Male Power& Body Health Care

    St. Herb Butea Superba Capsules provides male body healthiness and excellent sexual capacity. As healthiness leads to the power and strength of the body, the capsules are therefore potent nourishment for the improvement of male sexual performance.

    This dietary supplement is formulated with various health-supporting herbal extracts and Butea Superba extract that is high in flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides to release phytotestosterones efficiently promoting nutritional support and appropriate blood circulation for better health and sexual functions. It works by nourishing body inside and dilating blood vessels in the genital area which can result in a better sexual function with great sensation and performance.

    The capsules can also be served as alternative hormone to effectively relieve the symptoms of andropause among those aged men. The continual use of capsules will promote not only sexual capacity but also overall health with healthy skin and hair More details »

    Capsules : 60 Capsules.

  • Conmax Men Serum | For Masculine Extreme Sexual Performance

    St. Herb Conmax Men Serum lets male experience the perfect masculinity with pleasurable sexual prowess as it is empowered by Nanotechnology and a variety of rejuvenating herbal extracts, especially for Butea Superba extract that is full of beneficial phytochemicals, flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides, which are rich in phytotestosterones to enhance complete male characteristics.

    Due to its nano particles, the serum can nourish male specific skin quickly and deeply down to erectile tissues to stimulate vasodilation for erectile capacity with strong and full erections for great sexual arousal and sexual intercourse. It also evens and smoothens specific skin for better touch and sensation.

    Using the serum regularly in the morning and night absolutely helps get rid of the weak erection and premature ejaculation, and tremendously promote the increment of sexual organ with powerful strength for long and extreme sexual performance. If used during intercourse, it surprisingly enhances sexual endurance with ability to repeat again for the greatest sexual satisfaction More details »

    Cream : 80 ml.


Body Care Series

With St. Herb Body Care products of body shape gel, slimming nano cream, and anti-cellulite nano cream, your body will be redefined with new shape and a smooth curve line.

Body Shape Gel

Body Shape Gel

Body Shape Gel is useful for slimming up your body to get in shape with special formulation extracted from all wholesome goodness herbs.

Anti-Cellulite Nano Cream

Anti-Cellulite Nano Cream

St. Herb Anti-Cellulite Nano Cream efficiently focused on promotion of lipolysis or lipid breakdown and inhibits phosphodiesterase.

Slimming Nano Cream

Slimming Nano Cream

Helps in increase metabolism in burning out fat, restraining the accumulation of fat, firming the body, nourishing the skin and reducing...


Nano Gold Series

Gold Peptide is now the latest trend for FEW of the top brands cosmetics. St. Herb has it as well, and even better as we are the first in Industry to use Gold and combine with Nanotechnology.

Nano Gold Breast Series

Nano Gold Breast Series

St. Herb Nano Gold Breast Series Breakout from your boring stuff and be brandnew for your youthfully beautiful breasts with Fast Super Satisfaction results guarantee from our Nano Gold Breast Set - Nano Gold Breast Serum and Nano Gold Breast Mask.

Nano Gold Facial Series

Nano Gold Facial Series

St. Herb Nano Gold Facial Series Breakout from your boring stuff and be brandnew for your youthfully radiant facial skin with Fast Super Satisfaction results guarantee from our Nano Gold Facial Set- Nano Gold Facial Serum and Nano Gold Facial Mask.